The predominance of theme based Durga Pujas have contributed in honing the creative and artistic skills of the Durga Pujo organizers as well as the  theme makers. There is a constant aspiration to enchant the audience by the dint of creativity. There are many new entrants in the field of theme- oriented Durga Pujas and most of them are successful in winning the hearts of people and one such classic example is Khiddirpore Palli Sharadiya , a seventy one year old Durga Puja that has ventured into the theme zone for the last twelve years and received unprecedented success and last year they won twenty awards. In Durga Puja 2012 along with theme maker Sushanto Pal , Khiddirpore Pally Sharadiya would present Tribhuboneshwari.

The idea is to provide a picturesque  impression about Swargo, Morto and Patal. The presentation will be purely imaginary and project the theme maker's own orientation about visualizing  Heaven, Earth and Hell. Heaven is inhabited by God and his angels, primary quality of Heaven is light. God sits at the top of a mountain on His ethereal throne . He is shrouded in a clouded mist because of the quality and intensity of the light He emanates. Avik a member of the club speaks to and tells how cotton and fiber sheet are used to create the environment and feel of Heaven.

The copiousness and ampleness of light would also help to create the heavenly feel in Khiddirpore Palli Sharodiya Durga Pujo 2012. Loads of green and jute materials are used for creating Morto or Earth. This is the place which is occupied by mortal beings, according to Avik certain movable items shall prevail  in the Earthly zone signifying movement and life which is a special attribute of Earth. Pure light is also pure goodness. Hell or Patal  is the exact opposite of Heaven and Earth. There is pure evil and pure darkness , a contrasting quality to the blinding light of Heaven.

Aluminium sheets and iron are utilized  to develop the atmosphere of Hell. At the entrance of the Pujo Pandal we shall view Hell which is dominated by raw and crude emotions, atavistic fears and instincts, depravity and bestiality. Next is Earth that abounds in the vibrancy and vitality of life and finally Heaven greets us where Ma Durga resides.

It it is the zone of  untainted and unadulterated joy, supernatural power and mysticism. Heaven is '' Deep, immeasurable and vast'' , it is the '' Paradise of golden lights''. So the crazy bunch of beautiful Pandal hoppers on Chaturthi evening please make it a point to go near Khiddirpore Padmapukur and visit Khiddirpore Palli Sharadiya Durga Puja 2012  in case on Chaturthi Pandal hopping of  South Kolkata Durga Pujas is in the priority list.

All those who will miss the live actions of Khiddirpore Palli Sharadiya Durga Puja 2012 for them the only resort is so keep in touch.