Dwijendralal Roy popularly known as D.L.Roy is another gem in the crown of Bengali Literature. An eminent poet, playwright and musician , D.L.Roy through this noteworthy creations have always been a source of perpetual motivation and inspiration for many. His nationalist historical plays arouse patriotic sentiments and his Dhono Dhanne Pushpe Bhora is embedded deep within the inner recesses of our mind. But how many of us would actually think that this particular song would inspire Rintu Das, a nature lover and a Durga Puja theme maker to conceptualize a masterpiece based on this song. Yes friends Selimpur Pally Durga Puja 2012 is working upon

'' Gunjoriya Ashe Oli Punje Punje Dheye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tara Phooler Upor Ghumiye Pore Phooler Modhu Kheye''.

The renowned Selimpur Pally of South Kolkata that has always experienced an ocean of mob is assuring themselves  complete attendance of Pandal hoppers in their seventy fifth  year too and Secretary of the Puja Committee Partho Roy in a conversation with narrates how their originality have co- operated in making them secure the numero uno position . In Durga Puja 2012 their theme revolves around a tree which is situated in Selimpur Pally Durga Puja ground itself. According to  theme- maker Rintu Das the tree inspirited him and he conceived the idea of using it as the focus.

On the top of a thirty- six feet high tree, an artificial beehive is produced that would appear natural and realistic due to the proficiency and artfulness  of the theme maker whose masterly touches shall initiate a pseudo lotus which shall serve as the throne of Ma Durga  to bloom in full glory beneath the tree. Boat is used to make twenty feet high lotus petals. An unreal water source is made in a close vicinity to recreate an apparent feel of the  lotus blossoming and decorating the water body. The space between the beehive and lotus shall be underscored and punctuated by the use of polychromes. A swarm of  artificial bees would hover around the area subsequently originating a natural landscape yet furnished and allowed to flourish through the use of inanimate objects. In the words of Rintu Das, '' this is an installation type of work''.

The two most celebrated lines of Bengali Literature shall throb and palpitate with life and luminosity in Selimpur Pally Durga Puja 2012 Club ground. The ability to justify the lines through Art is a commendable attempt which shall triumph  in the happiness of  success when our Kolkata crowd will acknowledge their innovative idea from Chaturthi evening onwards.

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