Friends the moment we reach VIP Road instantly a name of a particular Club flashes on our mind, guess what. Well its understood that most of you have guessed it right , its none other than  the extremely renowned Sree Bhumi Sporting Club. The popularity of the Club lies not only in its praise worthy Durga Puja organizing capacity but also in its participation and commitments in its social orbit. The Club takes utmost care to provide for the needy and the underprivileged, takes part in the cricket tournaments organized by the Cricket Association of Bengal. The club owns a Cricket Coaching Center and also has four ambulances and hearse vans.

The ocean of mob that gather every year near Sree Bhumi Sporting Club speak of its overwhelming popularity in Durga Puja too. speaks to general secretary B.K. Goswami to find out some details of Sree Bhumi Sporting Club Durga Puja 2012. Its known to all of us that Sree Bhumi is never a part of theme based Durga Puja but its uniqueness lies in its Pandal decoration which always remains par excellence. In Durga Puja 2012 we will get to see the Pandal of Sree Bhumi Sporting Club resembling the ancient and the historic Meenakshi Temple.

The exterior of Meenakshi Temple will be replicated in Sree Bhumi Durga Puja 2012 with absolute exactness and faultlessness . The interior will be the archetype of Indian style of Temple. In fact, the interior decor of Sree Bhumi Sporting Club Durga Puja 2012 would give a concise description of the diverse temple architectural style of India . The Durga Protima of Sree Bhumi Sporting Club is also very traditional in its appearance .

This is the fortieth year of Sree Bhumi Sporting Club Durga Puja. Friends we know sometimes you get baffled and bewildered looking at the ''line'' that leads to the Puja Pandal. You all need to wait for long hours to get access to the Durga Puja premise so its better to visit Sree Bhumi Sporting Club Durga Puja 2012 on Chaturthi evening itself.

And those who would lose your enthusiasm and fail to brave the ''line'' for them is there to cater to their hopes.