Grand Bisarjan Procession 

Boron and Sidur Khela at Ballygunge Cultural 

Ashtami Ballygunge Cultural

Mir & Bandage at Mirchi Mohapujo

Anik Dhar performing at Mirchi Mohapujo

Air Asia Ei Samayer Band at Ballygunge Cultural

CM inaugurating Ballygunge Cultural Durgapuja 2012

Electrifying Gathering Enjoying on Choturthi Eve

Chandrabindu Performing on Choturthi

Durgapuja Online Team with Priyanshu Chatterjee & Sujoy Ghosh

Dia Mirza @ Ballygunge Cultural

2012 Mondop

Bangaleer Durga Puja is multi- faceted and multi- dimensional, pandal hopping, new dresses, new shoes, everything is new but there is something which is traditional yet so new. Guess what, yes its none other than Durga Pujor Adda. And if this  animated Adda takes place in Ballygunge Cultural then its simply unforgettable. Anjan Ukil, General Secretary  and Dr.Saptarshi Basu, Organising Secretary goes on to reveal many aspects of this Puja to one and only Durgapujaonline.com. According to them, people have been  loving  this Puja for its Pujo- Pujo ambience and animated environment for 62 glorious years.

When questioned about Theme he quickly replies that this year people shall smell the flavour of rural landscape of Rajasthan in Ballygunge Cultural Association. Folk life of Rajasthan shall be highlighted. In the words of Dr.Saptarshi Basu, Organising Secretary ''Colours of festival, Colours of joy, Colours of celebration, Colour of soul, Colours of togetherness, ......Ballygunge Cultural Association salutes Colours. Have a very colourful Durga Puja ahead. May Ma Durga bless you all with her colourful blessings''. Theme maker Goutam Basu is weaving this  Rajasthani mood for Durga Puja 2012 by using colourful Rajasthani dolls for decorating the Pandal.  So friends get ready with your team and throng the Puja premise if you wish to meet Mr. Sujoy Ghosh of Kahaani fame inaugaurating this Puja on 18th October 7pm. . 

If you all wish to hum the mellifluous tunes and  melodies of Chandrabindu Bangla Band songs then register your presence in Ballygunge Cultural on 18th itself because Kahaani and Chandrabindu together shall be present to entertain your eyes and ears. The surprise package does no end here. If you are looking out for some comic relief and planning to shake your legs then simply visit Ballygunge Cultural which is near Deshopriyo Park Priya cinema on Ashtami because our very own Mir and his Bandage group will be waiting to drive you all crazy.

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