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A  widely popular  Puja near Tala area of Kolkata that simply by the '' power of the Puja committee'' rose to the pinnacle of glory is Tala Barowari . From 1921 to 2012, the journey has been truly fascinating, presently its a mega budget Puja with a stunning track record in the  award winning segment. Member Avishek Bhattacharya talks about different features that characterize Tala Barowari Sarbojonin Durga Puja,a sumptuous community lunch is organized and even in the Sindur Khela Utsav of Dashami ,a fully furnished  Boron Dala is sponsored on behalf of the Puja committee. In Durga Puja 2012 Tala Barowari would present '' Kishore Belar Jhulon Khela                                                                                            

                      Bhulte  Ki Ar Pari                                                                 

                      Shei Smrititeihe jhulche  Ebar
                      Tala Barowari

Jhulon Yatra is a carnival that has lost its grandiose in recent times , Tala Barowari in Durga Puja 2012 shall commemorate this festival against the setting and surrounding of another festival, Durga Puja. Jhulon is depicted through the decoration of the Pandal.

Jhulon Yatra is a favourite past time of Shrimati Radharani and Lord Shree Krishna, a festival of love that celebrates Radharani's yearly sojourn to her parents' house just like Durga Puja where we have Ma Durga coming to her '' Baperbari''.

The Pandal shall have the presence of mountain, hills and rivers , apparently giving the feel of childhood fantasies and imaginations because Jhulon festival is especially kids- oriented , adults only lend support and encouragement to the juvenile creativity. This make- belief world shall have a real and authentic feel too because certain things shall remain suspended .

Theme maker Amor Sarkar is coming up with this meticulous blend of Jhulon Yatra and Durga Puja so pandal hoppers another must see Puja in added in your North Kolkata list. 

www.durgapujaonline.com shall also present  this blending soon before all our viewers

JHULON YATRA - TALA BAROWARI DURGA PUJA 2012 JHULON YATRA - TALA BAROWARI DURGA PUJA 2012 Reviewed by Sharadindu on September 21, 2012 Rating: 5

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