Friends all of us know how important Bosepukur is in  the Kolkata Durga Pujo Map . In fact a whole day needs to be dedicated perhaps for visiting the Durga Pujas in the Bosepukur area, the creativity and the artistic excellences of theme- based Durga Pujas in the area stimulate the Pandal hoppers to keep Bosepukur at the top of the priority list. One such well- known Durga Pujo is Bosepukur Parijat Club and  in  Durga Pujo 2012 along with their theme maker Shyamal Roy would captivate the attention of the viewers with  Bhobo Shoikote Bhobani.

All of us are passing through turbulent times, treachery, deceit , ruthlessness, falsehood are spreading its vicious tentacles , in such a grave and gruesome situation only Ma Bhabani could establish consonance and concordance in the society by fighting against the sinful, immoral and vile. Not only Ma Bhabani but Bhola Maheshwar too fought against evil and saved mankind.

The mythological tale says that  Lord Shiva drank ''Halahal'' (poison) that was churned up from the Samudra Manthan to eliminate its destructive capacity.  Bhola Maheshwar is calm, composed and serene but on the other hand Lord Shiva is the symbol of wrath and ferocity also. The combined competence, aptitude and dynamism of Ma Bhabani and Bhola Maheshwar have reinforced  the safety and security of Humanity time and again. There lies the innate and intrinsic significance of Bhobo Shoikote Bhobani. Bosepukur Parijat Club member Gopal Dey explains the supreme connotation of this concept in present time and  the necessity of its application .

Ma Bhabani and Bhola Maheshwar are being addressed and worshiped so that they win the battle against corruption and lawlessness and promulgate the influx of happiness and prosperity in our lives. The Durga Pujo Pandal premise will be adorned with the idols of Lord Shiva, the different avatars of Lord Shiva shall be highlighted by means of sand art and sand sculpture. The Pandal would bear a close association with a Lord Shiva temple. Bosepukur Parijat Club in DurgaPujo 2012 intends nullification and  annihilation of all the negative aspects of life by appealing to Ma Bhabani and Lord Shiva, the Ultimate Saviour.

Those who will miss all the thrill for them shall undoubtedly come up with updates soon.