Durga Puja is all about celebrations, jumping into the bandwagon of fun and frolic, merry- making and sky- larking. These five  days are an oasis amidst  our drab and dreary monotonous schedule. The azure sky, the aroma of shiuli and marigold garlands, the divine smell emanating from Goddess Durga coupled with pleasant smelling incense sticks all contribute in rejuvenating and illuminating our otherwise materialistic minds.One of the oldest Puja in Behala who had been the winner of Asian Paints awards for two consecutive years is Behala Club. Sayantan Bhattacharya, the joint secretary of the club  gleefully declares every aspects of their Durga Puja 2012 to correspondent . 

He says that 2012 shall be the year of colours, of light, of illumination and our theme is '' Bajlo tomar alor benu bichitro bicchurone''.  Behala club shall explore the basics of Science within the Durga Puja realms, its going to spell bound the Bengalis by virtue of substantiating the phenomena of refraction of light through the use of colourful bamboos. 

The theme maker Robin Roy is busy creating this idyllic setting in the premise of Behala club where Durga Puja and Science shall be syncretised to create one unifying whole. Yes friends we can fathom your excitement to witness the execution of this unique notion. But you  need to wait till Tritiya evening when it shall be inaugaurated and where the IT minister of Bengal Mr. Partho Chatterjee and Pujo President Mr. Sovan Chatterjee, the honourable Mayor of Kolkata shall be present in all likelihood.

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