Hatibagan Nabin Pally 2012: Unraveling the connection between Gandhiji & Durga puja

If you are a seasoned Pandel hopper, you cant give a miss to this Hatibagan Nabin Pally of the North, which is winning almost all big awards for last two years. Well this time also, Nabin Pally is all set to mesmerize its visitors. Their 2012 theme is "Adi Khadi".

Amitava Roy, the Secretary of the club & Dipta Ghosh, the President provide www.durgapujaonline.com correspondent a key to the theme. "Khadi industry is related to 4 varieties of textile namely Khouma, Karpash, Kousheya & Rankab. Gandhiji in his urge to liberate the nation from British monopoly in textile, promoted the pollution free cottage industry termed Khadi, which presently is predominated by women at the ground & grass root level."

Durga puja is the celebration of women power & the members of Nabin Pally are paying homage to this divine women power through this significant theme. Hence this puja opposite to Hati Bagan Citi Mart is a must-visit this year. Let us all acknowledge the efforts of Kamaldeep Dhar & the entire Nabin pally team. The opening is scheduled at Tritiya evening.

Also keep a tab on this page to watch the 2012 online parikrama of Nabin Pally theme, pandel and idol. We promise to bring you the coverage before you start your this year's pandel hopping.