Lake town Adhibashi Brindo is a noted Durga Pujo in the North and year 2012 is quite special for them because this is their fiftieth year. The Club is popular for its social activities , it has its own Chess training Center , organizes Summer Camp for children and Sabyasachi, an associate of the Club tells that Lake town Adhibashi Brindo Durga Puja is noteworthy for their mantra to success- '' sushtho ruchi suddho suchi''. Well their aesthetic sense is aptly reflected in their Durga Puja 2012 theme ,'' Srijone -o- Shikore'', an initiative by the theme maker Komoldeep Dhar. This is basically tracing Man's journey to his roots, trying to comprehend the roots of our origin.

Man always tries to achieve and conquer the zenith, the pinnacle, his desires are manifested in multiple ways and his accomplishments make him enriched , give a new dimension to his life but amidst all these achievements he never fails to recall the by gone days of the past. Life moves on irrespective of the blows and buffets, odds and ordeals, its universally acknowledged that time and tide wait for none but nothing can stop the overwhelming urge to look back into the past. Actually whenever Man sets his journey in the search of his own identity , the golden days and memories of the past flashes on his inner mind.
The situation is like
                                                                 '' For oft when in my couch i lie
                                                                   In vacant or in pensive mood
                                                                   They flash upon the inward eye
                                                                   Which is the bliss of solitude''.

Lake town Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo 2012 would represent such thoughts of the human mind, the ongoing inner turmoil and conflicts, the craving and yearning for the past. The Pandal will depict this vividity of thought, the Pandal is being carved out of wood and it would resemble a village in its appearance. The Durga Pujo premise serve as a meeting ground of both the generations, old and the young  , the older generation would feel nostalgic and the younger would get a glimpse and glance of what life was exactly fifty years back.

People would understand  that the rat race of life has increased man's sense of belongingness for his roots. Ma Durga is '' Shaktirupini '', she fights with the evil and the pernicious and protects us.  Armed with Ma Durga's blessings Lake Town Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo 2012 would provide a pictorial and colourful  presentation through collage about human life fifty years back and modern man's perpetual coveting for the past and remembering those glorious moments.

Friends if you are still indecisive about which Durga Pujo to visit on Chaturthi evening then immediately  book it for Lake Town Adhibashi Brindo Durga Pujo 2012. Also remain prepared to refresh the lost memories with