Goddess Durga is the mother of the universe, the power behind its creation and preservation , she is the supreme power , the supreme Being. Ma Durga's one name is Shaktirupini Durgatinashini meaning She is the one who eliminates sufferings and protects her devotees from evil of the world. Bose pukur Sitala Mandir Durga puja in 2012 shall highlight Ma Durga as the source of enormous power and strength.

 When contacted from Durgapujaonline.com , Mr. Kajal Sarkar joint secretary of the club says that their 2012 Duga Puja's theme is termed as Utshoshakti. Biswanath Dey the theme- maker explains the concept in details. Reciting and chanting the slokas and mantras of Ma Durga makes one feel knowledgeable, divine and causes spiritual upliftment and elevation of the human soul and She dwells within the inner recesses of human psyche in her JYOTIRMOYEE avatar. Mahishasur symbolizes evil and negativity, decay and destruction and hinders development and progress. Man venerates the Goddess by showing profound religious devotion and respect and acquires power to fight against all kinds of turmoil and turbulence. 

The wheel of civilization and human power together shall be able to overcome all hindrances by invoking Goddess Durga. Human power is depicted and demonstrated through Rickshaw , a vehicle that is run by  the power of the wheel and power of Man and the source of this power is Devi Durga. Its understood that the winner of last  year's fourteen awards is planning to transfix the gaze of the Bengalees in their sixty- third year again by the dint of their uniqueness and innovativeness . 

Also the entire Pandal would resemble the shape of a human driven rickshaw.  Bosepukur Sitala Mandir is a must see to understand how human power is equated with Divine  power using Rickshaw as the medium.