Since 1936 a club that has made noticeable and remarkable achievements to society is Sitalatala Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha, the Club been associated with a number of benevolent initiatives. Apart from works related to social  welfare the Club has already left an indelible impression in the sphere of theme oriented Durga Pujos. The winner of last year's eleven awards is again back to spell bound all with their brilliant creations in Durga Pujo 2012, says Kanchan Mullick, the secretary of the club. The idea for Durga Pujo 2012 is Shottojononi
a thought conceived by Porimol Pal. Shottojononi is the term which is associated with Ma Sharada who played a role in the awakening of soul, as a teacher she found solutions for the doubts of her disciples, as a mother through love and compassion won the hearts of her children and as the Divinity, She assured them of liberation from earthly bondage. The roles played by women or specifically mothers are multifarious and diverse. In Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha , precisely the four roles of womanhood and subsequent motherhood are delineated . It is the mother who conceives the child and gives birth to a new creation, it is she who show us the light of the day .

Thus the mention of this particular word mother inspires strong feelings and emotions in our heart. Mother's lap is the first school of every child , mother is our first and foremost God. Just like our mothers, Durga Mata is the creator and destroyer of evil in this universe, She makes the society a heaven by removing the immoral and base things and provide safety, security and stability in our lives.

Our mothers sacrifice her desires and wants just to make us worthy citizens. She teaches us ethics and is well- aware of our capabilities, strength and weaknesses. Ma Durga too takes utmost care of her four children Karthik, Ganesha, Laxmi and Saraswati, She inculcates good values in them and is responsible for their upliftment. Our mothers and Ma Durga are so analogous to each other in every aspect- both act as a reservoir of inspiration and the value of them as a role model is undeniable. The contributions of Durga Mata and Ma in general are irreplaceable, the key role in bringing up a new born, playing a lively role even after the babies are grown up, both continue to be the symbol of strength, integrity and binding force for a family.

Thus Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha Durga Puja 2012 would present a pictorial depiction of these four stages- conceiving the child, delivering the child, upbringing and admonishing and reprimanding the child for his wrong doings just like Ma Durga who showered her love, affection and concern for little Ganesha but on the other side with all the wrath and anger, She killed the demon Mahishasur. .The Pandal Structure is built by plaster of paris, bamboo, fiber stone, silver stone and many others. Fiber models are being used to elucidate these four stages. So friends Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha Durga Puja 2012 has by now made its entry into your list of must see.

From Chaturthi evening you all can assemble there to pay tribute to this concept of motherhood that has an universal appeal. www.durgapujaonline.com shall bring pictorial representations soon.