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Bangur Avenue Protirodh Bahini

Durga Puja is the biggest festival ever known in the history of Bengal. This most happening festival of the Bengalees can be sensed with its gush of trumpet blast on all the four days. This autumn festival evoke the power of female ‘Shakti’ signified by the Goddess Durga who assassinates ‘asura’ to bring sanctity and peace on earth.

This year’s theme will be playing a significant effect on people’s mind. Bangur Avenue Protirodh Bahini works on subject based theme though a traditional one. Bringing a new theme, which says ‘looking at the pre moments of Mangalore Plane (ix-812) Crash’, on the platform seems to be pretty interesting. In a process the club with this theme requests the ‘darshanartis’ to offer prayers to Ma Durga, to prevent some mishaps in the future.

Reincarnating the spirit of Durgaotsav like the last years, Bangur Avenue Protirodh Bahini will be celebrating its 39 th  year of jubilation. Supposedly, 2011 will be the pre diamond jubilee year of their puja. To make this puja a special one they have planned to work heart to heart and make Bangur Avenue Protirodh Bahini an eye-catcher.

May it be any kind of occasions or other involvements; the committee does not fail to carry out their social activities. They feel that it is their responsibility to stand by the needy and poor. Making arrangements for 24 hours AMBULANCE, organizing free medical check up in partnership with the recognized group and meeting all kinds of social needs is their way of expressing love for mankind. This year they successfully carried out free eye and dental check up, ECG, Blood Sugar tests and other various medical check ups, in collaboration with Apollo Pharmacy and Apollo Clinic. It was a great achievement for the club to receive 122 entries for this particular program. Besides this, they maintain a disaster relief fund from where the money is send to the fatalities through Bharat Sevasram Sangha.

Bangur Avenue Protirodh Bahini is a socio-cultural organization, was initially started to unite and inspire young people in the noble cause of social service. The organization registered under Societies Registration Act has now has more than 200 members all of whom engage themselves in various Social activities. We also have commendable presentation of autumnal festival commonly known as Durga Puja. Since inception we have been arranging autumnal festivals, but fortunately for us we came to an unthinkable lime light in last few years with our creative themes which attract millions of viewers during the festival time. The number of prizes we won in last few years showcases our dedications and creativity.

Address and location:
Bangur Avenue United Club (A Block Park)

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