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Sabse Bada Nautankibaaz

Sabse Bada Nautankibaaz, a multi-lingual LIVE Reality Show, hosted by popular actor-anchor Mir A. Ali, who doesn't need any introduction to the Kolkata people. Mir a stand up comedian, an action, an RJ, an efficient emcee and an equally competent newscaster will take a test of your Humour Quotient (HQ). Odeon firmly believe that every human being is born with acting talent. And more than an actor, “a smart alec”, who elegantly coup up with the odds, keep him/her icy cool in the catastrophe, someone who realistically impress you with his/her acting prowess. Someone who we dotingly address as “Nautanki”. Just about anybody can be a nautanki. The chosen ones will be interrogated in front of a live audience with some funny yet tricky situations to handle. More experimentation is in store with Mir and his band Bandage putting up Sabse Bada Nautankibaaz, a talent hunt for people with a flair for impromptu performances. While Sabse Bada Nautankibaaz will try and track down people with a quirky sense of humor and a flair for melodrama. This Reality Drama is going to be staged on 29th November’2010 at Kund Area, City Centre, Salt lake. 
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