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Avenue South Pallymangal Pujo Committee

In 2010 the catchline of the theme was “SHIV SHAKTI, DAS MAHABIDDYAY PROKOT”. The theme maker Shri. Pradip Dey has made us believe that ‘Behind Shiv shakti (Devine Power), the female supremacy is active , and males mere act as an auxiliary force.  The chief ingredient of  Knowledge and adoration is nothing but a  Shakti (Power). Being in an inactive form, lord Shiva does the active metamorphosis of the divine  power. The divine kindness floats through the stream of the power and it is the ultimate source of Peace and happiness.

This year Avenue South, Pally Mangal Samity is celebrating their 44th years. In spite of having a tag of Baroari kind of puja Pally Mangal Samity maintains every rituals in a very traditional manner. mentioned in the scriptures. Items which are needed for the ritual worship of the goddess should be collected beforehand so that the ritual is performed smoothly. Although the spirit of festive commerce has increased, yet Pally Mangal Samity never loose the spirit of worship.

The committee is also involved in various social actities throughout the year, such as Free Sunday Clinic, Blood donation camp, Free Eye check up and surgery, Thalassaemia treatment for the poor, Distribute blankets to the poor during Winter, Sit-n-Draw competition, Eying forward to organize a Classical Conference in the recent future.

There are two entrance to get this Puja.One is from Sukanta setu and another is from Ajaynagar, EM Bypass. You need to reach at Battala bus stoppage.
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