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Vivekananda Park Haridevpur - Every year a new surprise guaranteed

Vivekananda Park durgapuja is a prominent puja in Haridevpur.  People come from every corners of South Kolkata to visit this puja as every year the committee tries to present something new.

Mr. Bhattacharya, one of the members said, “This  year we are celebrating 44th year. It’s a great feeling when you see such grandeur, love, affection, under one umbrella. I am proud of my puja.”

2011 Coverage

Theme: Naba Durga, Nine avatar of Devi Chandika

Last year the puja own Asian Paints Sharod Sanman.

2010 Coverage

The pandal depicts the scene where after slaying the buffalo demon, Goddess Durga rests in the posture of meditation (yajna). The entire marquee is ornate with the seven colours of the rainbow. A prism stands in the centre converges colours from red to violet. In the inner chamber, Goddess Durga sits on the slain demon. The entire theme reveals the concept of Kundalini, where one's conscience and sub conscious soul converge. It includes all the vital elements for existence of life. The spiral of Kundalini includes seven circles that consist of the root charka, the naval charka, the throat charka, the sacred charka, the heart charka, the third eye, and the crown charka.

About the club: This club started the history 42 years ago i.e. in the year 1968. A handful of young enthusiasts had begun a journey-a mission to accomplish their creation, a sense of identity that would enable them to integrate themselves and thus Vivekananda Park Athletic Club came into existence and launched upon its carrier. At the initial stage when the Club was struggling hard against various odds to preserve it’s mere existence, the tireless efforts of some devoted members came as a welcome relief and it enabled the Club to be founded on sound footing.

“Vivekananda Park Athletic Club remains intimately stuck to the people all through the year. To stand by the distressed we distributed clothes to the women & children of the poorest section of the society. In this connection, we provided 30 Rickshaw pullers with new clothes and Accidental Insurance Policy. We arranged Blood Donation Camp where 40 Donors donated blood. Besides that, about 10 members of our club donated blood at different occasions. We organised Health Check-up Camp where people got different tests and investigations done free of cost. We also arranged Eye-Camp where 20 people were given spectacles free of cost. We also sent clothes, medicine and financial aid for the victims of the ‘Ayela Disaster’”, informs one of the important members of the club.

Address and Location:

13, Vivekananda Park.
Haridevpur, Kolkata-700082
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