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V.I.P ENCLAVE Durga Puja - ‘Devi Boron’

“Jago tumi Jago Jago durga Jago dasha praharana Dharini
Abhaya shakti bhalo pradayini tumi jago”

The clear azure sky of ‘Sharat’, the twist of the white ‘kash phool’, the beautiful fragrance of ‘shiuli, the rhythm of ‘dhak’, the melody of conch shell all come with a common ‘tug’ at every ‘Bengali’s’ heart. What time is it? It is the time for ‘Devi Bandana’. It is the time of ‘Agamani’. Its time for ‘Devi Boron’! It is the time for the greatest festival in Bengal- Durga Puja. It is for this time that we all wait all over the year.

To do justice to this festive spirit, VIP Enclave, a North Kolkata ‘Para Puja’ is all set to ignite their charm on its 17th year of Durga puja. Like every year, this year too the ‘mandap’ will be decorated in a traditional wear to mark the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. Pouring rain and thundering skies could not stop the artisans to light up the true spirit of Durga Puja. You will be amazed by the artist’s creation of idols and mandap and their dedication and perseverance.

The specialty of this ‘Para Puja’ is their ‘UNITY’ amongst the families working hand in hand to make the puja a successful one. The history of this ‘Para Puja’ is something that will interest every crowd that comes here. The puja was started 17years ago by the residents of VIP Enclave and since it has come a long way to create a mark for itself.  It was a participation of 100 families of this complex who came forward to bring a new beginning and there was no looking back.

The ‘Shubarambh’ take place on ‘panchami’, 12th of October. Honorable chief-guest, Swamiji of mahanambrata mandir will be inaugurating the Puja.

Cultural events: “To make our Para Puja a perfect one, we bring a range of cultural programs”, says Rana Ghosh, the secretary of the club. They feel, cultural programs give them the real flavor of Durgotsav and also create a sense of brotherhood among the residents. Moreover, the programs offer a wonderful platform for the budding talents of the locality. This year the cultural program will be mainly based on ‘dance dramas and songs’. Children and adults from the para will take part in the drama. They have already started rehearsing hard and are confident of putting up a great show.

Award: Won recognition from Telegraph.

Route Guide:  To be a part of this unique puja, you can either come from ultadanga or take a bus from the airport. VIP Enclave is located just between Baguihati-Joramandir and Ranghunathpur opposite to VIP road Big Bazaar.
V.I.P ENCLAVE Durga Puja - ‘Devi Boron’ V.I.P ENCLAVE Durga Puja - ‘Devi Boron’ Reviewed by Web Strategy on October 11, 2010 Rating: 5

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