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Tollygunge Azadgarh Pujo 2010 - Unity is Strength

The soft fragrance of ‘shiuli’, glimpse of swaying ‘kash’ in the meadows, chanting of mantras and wide azure sky awakens you and say, “Ma Durga is at your door”.  Needless to say that each of us feels the same as this spirit of ecstasy fills up our heart. Worshipping goddess Durga involves a number of rituals that needs to be strictly followed. With the inception of the first day ‘Sashthi’, these rituals are followed till the last day ‘Dashami’.

To make Tollygunge Azadgarh Puja a special one, the puja committee has thought of something interesting. This time, the theme will be “Normal Puja Pandal”. The club has a good attention-grabbing idea of itself that sets a perfect example for us. Tollygunge Azadgarh is an amalgamation of the three generations- the Old, the Present and the Future. The name of the club itself has a blend of three modes; Tradition, Culture and Social.

This Puja of Tollygaunge will be celebrating its 18th year of commemoration with an impressive jubilation. The preparations have already begun a month in advance. Sudip Hazra, the joint secretary has planned on various lightings for the pandal, cultural programs, social services and so on. I am sure; you will be stunned by his idea of dazzling creations all over.


Post Offic : REGENT PARK.
Nearest landmark, Azadgarh Girls School.
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