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Tala Barowari Durgotsab

Durga Puja is a hindu occasion which commemorates triumph of good over evil. Since inception of community culture especially in Bengal, this festival has been manifested in every aspects thus adding dimensions to this festival and enriching the significance of Bengali culture world wide.

Crores of rupees, wide opportunity of allied trades and huge manpower resources are employed in this perennial festival. Of late these ‘pujas’ have assumed or perhaps adopted somewhat ‘festivals with a cause’ purpose or some sundry awareness drive of contemporary relevance with an objective to benefit the mankind.

The festival encompassing practically the entire eastern Indian fringe is society-centric occasion which has developed a well entrenched tradition is Indian socio-economic landscape and certain acclaimed pockets organizes elaborate means for visitors from far and wide to celebrate to their hearts’ content.

Among the varied areas of concern and national interest, one issue which is poised for projection to the masses and has exclusively selected for us is based on Wildlife freedom with specific emphasis on rare feathered species. To conserve their generations, keep them free to the nature devoid of any captivity and duress else the consequence of these birds heading for extinction is inevitable.

In this context the Tala Barowari Durgotsab seek endorsement and support in every capacity on the cause from a global platform. As such, all machineries to herald the message with best effectiveness have been devised and what is now in the wanting is the esteemed recognition and certification.

Understandably and evidently wild life is an aspect which covers the entire space of masses around the world with environmental importance and is in close synch with ecological balance and thus it ought to be individual responsibility to respond positively and proactively to calls wherever it encounters threat.

Mkt. and Media Head Mr. Avishek Bhattacharyya said, “This year we are touching 90th year and we are really very excited about it. Our creative director is doing a great job and this year’s theme is ‘Koi Pakhi Aakashe!’ You all are cordially invited to visit our puja and do some great fun here”. 

About the club: ‘Tala Barowari Durgotsab’ is organizing their 90th year of Durga Puja festival at Tala Children’s Park, near Tala Post Office, Kolkata -700 002. This is known as one of the oldest ‘Barowari’ Durga Puja of Kolkata started in the year of 1921. Tala Barowari Durgotsab is well poised,  as it stands between both Commercial and Residential hub located just beside Shyambazar five point crossing and stands on the right side of B.T. Road at the approach of ‘ Hemanta Setu’ ( Tala Bridge), which is well known as the northern gateway of Kolkata. Every year a huge number of pandel hopping people starts their puja ‘Parikroma’ from ‘Tala Barowari’.

Address and Location:

23/2 Banomali Chatterjee Street.
Kolkata: 700002.
Beside Tala P.O.
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