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Sodepur Agragami Club

Sodepur Agragami Club is one of the premier clubs of Behala, in south Kolkata. Run by a group of veterans with very few young guns in the ranks, the club is ageing but still manages to maintain its dignity and reverence. It is involved in different social and cultural activities throughout the year for the betterment of the society and its people. One has to mention the Durga Puja which it organises every year and inevitably turns out to be best in sodepur area. Sodepur is booming with development and new ideas and so is this club.
The theme of this year’s durgapuja of Sodepur Agragami Club is "An effort to save our environment".
Subhankar Maitra, the secretary of Sodepur Agragami Club said, “We involve in activities throughout the year like organizing blood donation camp, lotteries, book donation to the needy children, etc. We also try to assist the locals with all kinds of medical and financial facilities to our optimum capacity.” “But celebrating Durgapuja ia always our prime interest”, he confirms.

According to Subhankar Maitra all the members of this club behave like own brothers and sisters. During the four days of puja the celebration of bhaichara takes it’s height. The enjoyment of the kids starts fifteen days before Mahalaya. “Our puja is 33 years old but it seems that we are together from past so many years”.
The club has won 9 Puja Awards in 2009 including the Star Ananda Special Jury Award.

Complete address and location-

78,Motilal Gupta Road,
Behala Sodepur, Haridevpur,
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