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Rupchand Mukherjee Lane - A Journey to Nostalgia

Rupchand Mukherjee Lane Sarbojanin Durgotsab is proud to celebrate their oldest pujas of Kolkata this year. Celebrating their 64th jubilant year in 2010 will be an eye-opener to its visitors and ‘darshanartis’. The four festive days of Durgaotsab, by welcoming goddess Durga with rituals accompanying with ‘shuili’, ‘kaash’, ‘dhunuchi’, ‘dhak’, and conch shell is a great experience. ‘Shashthi’, ‘Shaptami’, ‘Ashtami’ and ‘Nabami’ are the best days for the Bengalis all through the year to celebrate utmost.

History of Club/Puja:  It has been exceptionally a long distance covered by the puja committee in the last six decades. A way back to 1971, Rupchand Mukherjee Lane Sarbojanin Durgotsab celebrated its 25th anniversary in a unique way when Kolkatans were just introduced to the trend of theme. The glorious image of the goddess Durga was made of sponge wood or pith, created by Shri. Ananta Malakar. Soon after that the creator surprised people with a brilliant image of Ma Durga, made out of bamboo, fiber glass and jute. As soon as the theme pujas became popular in Kolkata, the committee started adopting a traditional style in their puja.

Theme 2010: This year Rupchand Mukherjee Lane Sarbojanin Durgotsab will leave you nostalgic. Shri. Pradip Dutta is the creator of the nostalgia, naming ‘FIRE DEKHA’ or ‘RESTROSPECTIVE’. By using various Puja Barshiki's cover page he plans to live through experiences of  Puja. It is basically a retrospective of last 60 years from many renowned cover of the Bengali Puja Barshikis, such as  Anandabazar Patrika, Desh, Jugantar, Nabokollol etc, that evokes the ethos of Bengal. With this artwork the creator have incorporated some geometrical symbiosis that signifies discipline.

About Club:  Chief co-ordinator  Mr.Soumik Kr. Mitra with his co-mates started coming up with innovative and creative ideas to make the Durgaotsab colorful and blissful for the masses.

Idol:   Shri.Nirmal Mallik is in charge of making idols for Rupchand Mukherjee Lane Sarbojanin Durgotsab.  He is the finest of all the artists who has received Asian Paint Best Artist Award, Star Ananda Mega Star/Super Star, Snowchem, Finolex and so on.

Last Year Award:   West Bengal Pollution Control Board declared this puja “Second”; as they made a wonderful effort to give ‘pollution free’ Celebration.

Route Guide:  To be a part of the puja just walk down from Hazra More towards Bhawanipore and cross Ashutosh Mukherjee College, then just few step away the surprise of the year will wait for you.
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