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Royal Berkshire Bengali Association, Slough

“Durga Puja captures the true spirit and culture of Bengal. We as devotees, welcome Mother Durga and her children during her visit, amidst joy and a sense of togetherness. This is a time to renew friendship, make new ones and share goodness across the whole of the community.

Light transforms darkness, good conquers evil, envy and hatred. Hope overcomes despair amidst the sound of conch shells and dhak. Delicious food , music and dhunuchi dance add to the spirit of goodwill and friendship.” This is the thought of the members of Royal Berkshire Bengali Association in Berkshire. Atanu Dutta, the president of the association, said to durgapujaonline, “Our puja is only two years old but we share a tremendous bonding among the members of the association.  We love our puja as we all love India”.

Creating an ambiance in the UK even close to that in Kolkata during the Durga Puja is an impossible task but Royal Berkshire Bengali Association (RBBA) is doing the impossible. For RBBA, the goal is to organize and celebrate durga puja in the UK in traditional Bengali way. This is the only Durga Puja in the UK to be held in a marquee (‘pandal’) to provide the ethnic feeling. The environment feels as close to home as possible with the sounds of real ‘dhak’ played by real people, with all the rituals within the ‘pandal’ atmosphere

About the club: RBBA is a multicultural organization in the Berkshire region of UK that brings the Bengali community across the south of England together. The main aim behind this is to:

Provide a forum to converge and celebrate our unique cultural, religious, artistic and social heritage,

Promote multiculturalism to enhance our experience through a multitude of activities,

Generate greater awareness about Indian culture within the youth and encourage their involvement.

Arati and Anjali will follow after each Puja session.

Puja will be conducted by Mr Asim Banerjee and assisted by Mr Dipankar Chowdhury. Prasad (lunch and dinner) will be served after daily Puja.

Cultural Programmes: Various cultural programs are planned for the evenings during Durga Puja including dance and music by popular local artistes.

Special Attraction: A special musical programme created for RBBA by Dakshinayan UK (Dakshinee Kolkata) to celebrate the auspicious start to the Autumn Festival and in celebration of the new Durga Thakur murti on 13th October, Shashti.

"AGOMONI ALO" is based on Chandi/ Mahisasura Mardini.

Production and Presentation: Dakshinee ( Kolkata )

Complete Address & Location:

Baylis House
Stoke Poges Lane
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