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Ramlalbazar Sarbojonin

Ramlalbazar Sarbojonin has the proud privilege of organizing Sarbojonin Durgatsab every year in a befitting manner with colourful display in tradition with India’s Cultural Heritage.

In addition to organizing Puja the club also indulges in undertaking many social and cultural activities like Blood donation camps, Health Check-ups and distribution of free medicines to the needy. The members also do donation to relief funds, support to poor students, etc, different cultural competitions such as sit and draw contest, songs, Dance, Recitation, Quiz competitions etc. are organized throughout the year.

This is the 19th Year celebration of Ramlalbazar Sarbojonin Durga Puja and the club has 91.9 Friends FM as our Radio Channel Partner along with The News Times as the media partner and FORTIS HOSPITAL as Medical Partner.

Secretary Kabir Majumdar becomes nostalgic when mentioning about the senior members. “We always treat durgapuja as a big celebration. The whole area behaves as a single family and we organizers are their parents”, he smiled.

Complete Address and Location:

156, Garfa Main Road,
Haltu, Kolkata - 700 078
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