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Raipur Club - Essence of Assam

Durga Puja, the greatest colorful festival and extravaganza of the Bengalis. The glory of Durga Puja mesmerizes each and every Bengalis for worshiping the divine power. This ‘mahaotsav’ recalls the power of ‘shakti’ symbolizing the slaying of ‘asura’ by Goddess Durga.

Raipur Club is based at Garia and the nearest landmark is behind the West Wind Complex. After celebrating its Diamond Jubilee last year, the Puja committee has set its spirit high to celebrate their 61st year. The excitement, happiness, madness and emotions are at its peak now. You will be simply amazed with their nature of creativity for the puja. This time they are coming up with a unique theme, based on Assam’s “SATRA”.

Established in the year 1950, the main objective of the Raipur Club was to make their institution a social need based organization. Making itself a successful social organization in this long journey of 60 years, the Club proudly claims their big time achievement. The owner of the club proudly says “we have worked sincerely for our society and we are ready to face anything”. As a social worker they have engaged in maintaining a healthy environment through out by providing sports facilities to the youth, organizing free medical check-ups, distributing blankets to the needy and so on.

Hope, this year you will not miss out this fantastic puja of South Kolkata.

Key Person: Sanjib Choudhury, secretary
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