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Purbaloke Sarbojonin Durgotsav Committee

Durga Puja is a festival of triumph!! Be it the mythological triumph of a deity over an evil soul, be it the self triumph over ones loneliness and lack of social association, or be it the triumph of a hard working individual over his monotonous daily routine. Though a religious festival, Durga Puja binds the Bengali hearts with sentiments that surpasses only a mere religious belief. It makes everyone feel the “dhak” beating in their heart, and the “shorot” fragrance refreshing the lungs, even if he is away from Bengal.

‘Purbaloke Sarbojonin Durgotsav’ is one of the reputed pujas in the southern parts of the E.M By Pass. Unlike most famous pujas in and around Kolkata, this puja does not fight only for its repute outside the locality, it ensures utmost satisfaction and enjoyment for the people within the confines of its considerably large locality. This is the 16th year of this puja and it has evolved with the passage of time. With varieties of cultural events all through the five festive days, it keeps the local people fastened to their local puja. The puja is not based on any theme. It portrays a kind of “heritage puja” with mass gatherings and thorough entertainment. The response has always been overwhelming.

“During the four days of puja we celebrate here in every possible way. All the four days we have cultural programmes, quiz contect, magic show, etc. For kids we have sit and draw competition, for ladies we have other competitions like musical chairs, antakshari, etc. We all take lunch together on Astami and Nabami”, said Mr. Tapash Mandal, Secretary of the club.

Along with the rituals, cultural events, food and other stuffs, enthusiasm for social causes has never lagged behind. On the morning of “Maha-Shashthi”, clothes are offered to needy men, women and children. Also, there are social awareness programs (for example awareness regarding superstitions and addictions) being held which are encouraged by our esteemed group of enthusiasts.

Late Dilip Roy, a resident of Purbaloke and one of the finest Bengali actors of all times, had contributed immensely with his ideas and personal involvement till the last year. This year, some cultural programs have been organized as a tribute to late Dilip Roy, popularly named as the ‘Grandfather of Purbaloke’ by the local residents. Another important personality, Mr. Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, the former Mayor of Kolkata, is involved with this puja as a local resident.

This puja had been honored with a regional award in 2009. Secretary Tapas Mondal and President Biswajit Bhowmik with the efforts of the committee members had brought this puja in the limelight. Even this year, Tapas Mondal as secretary and Tanmoy Kumar as president has done a tremendous job. With food, entertainment, and various competitions like musical chair, sit and draw, etc, the local people have been kept glued to the puja mandap.

Amartya Bhattacharyya, cultural coordinator of Purbaloke Sarbojonin Durgotsav Committee, said to durgapujaonline.com, “I am doing service in Bhubaneswar from past two years. But during this time I cannot stop myself from coming here. This is a para pujo but all of us live here as a family”, he signs off with a smile.

With budget rising higher and higher, and involvement being on an incline, we expect ‘Purbaloke Sarbojonon Durgotsav Committee’ to come up with new surprises and innovative ventures in the years to come, but retaining its heritage style and grandeur.

Complete Address and Location:

79-A Purbaloke, Mukundapur.
Kolkata 700099
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