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Manushpur Sahebbagan Durga Puja, Hoogly

Durga Puja is not just an occasion for sharing wonderful moments. It has a lot to do with the religious connotations. We celebrate the victory of good over the evil. Enormous display and festivities take place during this most happening festival of the Bengalis. Irrespective of all the religion, cast and creed, people be a part of this festival and thereby give rise to the ‘widespread brotherhood’. Durga Puja over the years has undergone change in colors. Manushpur Sahebbagan’s puja is one among them.

What a wonderful year for Manushpur Sahebbagan Durga Puja Committee! It is the Silver Jubilee Celebration for the Puja team in this year. They have decided on an eye-opener and unique theme for the puja. The theme is mainly based on MA Durga, portraying “9 Durgas”. It will surely be an interesting thing in this year to watch.

The Puja committee or organization was established in 1986 with a small platform with high hopes. In the early days, the committee organized their puja in a ‘maidan’ that was a challenging task for them. Later, due to quite a few reasons they shifted their puja to Junction Kata Battala from maidan. From there they started their new journey towards success.

Location: Manushpur (kata battala) Bandel, Hooghly.

Key Person: Partha Pratim Chakraborty, secretary
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