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Kumilah Sreerampore Dutta Barir Pujo

‘Kumilah Sreerampore Dutta Barir Pujo’ is celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2010. Vikramjit Dutta and Avijit Dutta are the main initiator from Dutta Bari to celebrate Durgapuja after so many years. The elder generation stopped celebrating Durgapuja after 1970 due to some reasons. Hopefully in 2010 Kolkata will see all Duttas together from different parts of the world. They have invited all their family members staying outside Kolkata and abroad and are planning to have a gala time with their kith and kin.

One of the main organizers Vikramjit Dutta said, “Since our forefathers came from Kumillah to settle in Kolkata, the entire family used to participate and celebrate Durga Puja together. However with time, as the family migrated to all parts of the world, the pujas were stopped in 1970. Last year me and my brother Avijit Dutta, have revived the spirit of the Dutta bari & taken the initiative to start the pujas again.”

”This year we are celebrating Durgapuja at Abhinandan, 50 moore avenue. Our extended family from all over the world is coming to be part of this celebration. We all are excited to meet after such a long time and enjoy the puja together. I hope everything will go fine and we will be able to embrace some memorable moment”, said Avijit Dutta, the elder member of Dutta Bari to durgapujaonline.com.

Avijit wants to celebrate it with every Kolkatans. “I want all of you to come and enjoy with us. We are celebrating from shashti till Dashami. Please visit once and take Prasad with us”, senior dutta signs off.

Complete Address and Location:

Abhinandan, 50 moore avenue.
Kolkata - 700040

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