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Kalibabur Bari at Janai

Kalibabur Bari at Janai is one of the oldest pujas in West Bengal. The specialty of the puja can be mentioned as Aparajita puja and Beranjali on the day of dashami.

This puja of a renowned aristocratic zamindar family formerly started at the reign of East India Company. The former zamindar Ishwar Kaliprasad Mukhopadhyay who initiated the puja was the diwan of East India Company. From that time till today the puja is continuing its grandeur and pomp.

Satinath Mukherjee, one of the members of the house, informed durgapujaonline.com that the puja is 200 years old. Every year this is the time when the family members meet together and enjoy a lot. “These four days we just forgot our sorrows and hatred, we enjoy and enjoy and thus we become ready for next year”, he added.

Complete Address & Location:

Kalibabur Bari, Subedar More, Moira Para.

Post Office: Janai, P.S. Chanditala, Hoogly.

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