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Kabitirtha Sarodatsab - a poetic presentation

The pilgrim of poets....Kabitirtha, once it was an abode of Michale Madhusudan, Kobi Hemchandra and Rangalal Bandopadhyay. These residence is ruining gradually because of poor maintenence or has been brutally occupied by the muscle men. The administration has nothing to  do except looking with a pallid expression.

When poeple of kolkata vote for theme puja Kabitirtha has been maintaining its olden days tradition and will come up with  sabeki Puja. But this year committee will present something new with the Pandal decoration. In their 58th years of celebration Kabitirtha will present an imaginary Mandir, by using Tripura's madur, leaf of Hogla and taal. Here maa durga will look like Rudrani.

Once people of khidderpore used to say about the trio magic of Kabitirtha, that was the combination of the Mystical light of Chandannagar, the magical pandal of Modern Decorators and the memorable idol of Shri. Ramesh Pal.Now a days the previous glamour has been reduced a bit, yet kabitirtha will beckon you with all devotional magnitude.

Idol:   The Pratima will have a tradirtional look, made by Shri. Naba chandra Pal.
Day/Date of Inauguration: Panchami i.e. 12th October'2010 at 6.30 pm. It is expected that the inaugauration will be done by any Central Minister. During Saptami, Ashtami and Navami kabithirta invites  Bengali celebrity artist.
Social & Cultural side:   The club arranges cultural Programs like Song, Dance, drama, recitation, etc. Every year they organise blood donation camp, health Check up, and financial help to the poor.
How to go
: To access this puja you need reach at Khidderpore, walk 3 minutes towards Ram kamal Street.
Key Persons: Shri. Amal kumar Saha/Shri. Samjeeb Mukherjee.
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