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Jorasako Saater Polli - ‘Ma er Aradhona’

I am sure you have already started updating your calendar and are yet to reach the exact day. It is just a matter of few days, when excitement will be at its shape that was long awaited. New attires, old and new friends, delectable delicacies, more fun and more excitement are all listed on your mind till date. Now, you are just waiting for the right time to explore the Puja surprises.

The puja countdown has started from a month before but the traditional countdown will begin from Mahalaya. Jorasako Saater Polli is standing on their 44nd year of Durga Puja Celebration to create something innovative.  Let me know what you feel about the puja theme based on ‘different types of calendars’? Before you reply, let me tell you that this is a brilliant creative idea thought by the puja committee. Just think collection of various kinds of calendars and working with it is simply outstanding.

After talking to the secretary of Jorasako Saater Polli, we came to know about their rich cultural tradition. Their basic idea of forming this club is to maintain the basic culture between the local residents and the members through community development.  Since the inception their motive is to be socially active and respect the culture and tradition. This puja has also won several awards and recognition since 2003.

Social Activities:  Distribution of new clothes to the needy on the inauguration day, Organizing blood donation camp, financial help to the poor and distributing blankets to the poor during winter and so on.

Location: The puja is held in Jorasako itself, near Jorasako Thakur Bari, M.G.Road.

Key Persons: Joydip Das and Goutam Roy
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