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The Jakarta Bengali Association, Indonesia

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The Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA) was established in 1983. Based Jakarta,  Indonesia JABA has members not only from Jakarta but also nearby places in Java Indonesia like Bandung, Bekasi, Bogor etc. “Our aim is to create a positive atmosphere of happiness, friendship and harmony through our Bengali culture and heritage amongst our members in particular and the community at large”, said one of the members.

Every year the Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA) organizes Durgapuja. The sincerity, dedication and devotion that go behind those five days are just unparalleled. The action starts with printing the invitation cards and collecting the list of requirements from the priest who is specially flown in from Kolkata for the occasion. Most of these activities involve numerous emails, phone calls and Star Buck Coffee shop meetings. Each committee starts listing and completing their assigned responsibilities.

One cannot imagine the hectic schedules the members go through during this time but they make sure that none of the aspects are diluted – starting from puja details, food, entertainment, etc. Also worth mentioning is that the members celebrate the Puja as per the “bengali tithi” and not at some convenient weekend. “Mayer bhog and pujor misti” – they are all prepared by the ladies at home. Given a choice, all JABA members likes to celebrate puja at Jakarta than at Bengal – its become an integral part of family and life out here.

After Durgapuja they celebrate ‘Bijoya Sammeloni’. One more round of hectic schedules, rehearsals and practices. The participation in most cases involves the full family. This celebration is followed by Kojagari Lakshmi puja and it  follows and it is also celebrated with equal pomp.

“This year our decoration theme is having ‘Indonesian touch’. We have  used Batik for the dress, special wood from Java , Bali style gate and wayangs (the Puppets)”, one of the prominent members informed.

Address and Location:

Shiv Mandir Pluit.
Jl. Pluit Raya Barat 46,
Jakarta Utara 14450.

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