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GYC Club Durga Puja - ‘Dhaker Shaje Ma Mohamaya’, Nadia

“Pujo mane neel aakash, pujo mane chondey ullash
  Pujo mane mohaloya-i Devi boron, Pujo mane awshanto mon
  Puja manei siuli bhashe, Shishir bheja sobuj ghashe
  Pujo mane dhaker bajon matiya dai tale tale”

People of Kolkata, especially the Bengalis are passionate about their most awaited biggest festival ‘Durga Puja’. It creates that marvelous zeal among all age groups and brings out a sense of religious and social unity.

Arrangements for Durgotsav are as elaborate and important as the PUJA, so the work starts from a prior period. In addition to it, if the puja of any club or committee are into their silver or golden or diamond jubilee, then the celebration reaches the fever and the dedication gets higher. GYC Club committee is one of those who will be celebrating its diamond jubilee celebration this year.

This is one of the oldest pujas in the district of Nadiya. As this is an interior part of West Bengal, the pujas are presented more significantly in a traditional way, keeping the rural spirit intact.  Putting creative ideas to entice the viewers, this year they are coming up with ‘Dhaker shajer thakur’ keeping in mind the traditional style in their puja. The mandap will portray the rich festive spirit that is prevalent in rural Bengal and its significance in the tradition and heritage.

Joydeep Bhattacharjee, the co-secretary of Gobindanagar Youth Center (GYC Club) with the other members has promised to gift a wonderful puja to the visitors. Our best wishes for their wonderful initiative to put up such a good show.

Complete Address & Location:

Village: 2No Gobindanagar
Post:  Madanpur
Dist: Nadia
Pin: 741245
P.S: Chakdhaha
Nearest Railway Station:  Madanpur

GYC Club Durga Puja - ‘Dhaker Shaje Ma Mohamaya’, Nadia GYC Club Durga Puja - ‘Dhaker Shaje Ma Mohamaya’, Nadia Reviewed by Web Strategy on October 11, 2010 Rating: 5

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