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Durgapuja 2010 Kicks off with Vodafone Agomoni

6th October, 2010
LIVE from Nazrul Manch, Kolkata - A Durgapuja Online Exclusive Presentation

Like every year, this year also Vodafone kicks off the Durgapuja Celebration with Vodafone Agomoni. The program started gearing up as the night progressed. Durgapuja Online with exclusive online coverage rights brings you the latest happenings of the event. None other than Soumitra Chatterjee inaugurated the evening and then a band of dhaki's took the stage to present dhaki mohora. Followed by the dhak, Soumitra Chatterjee overwhelmed the packed stadium with his trademark voice. The best of the best was "Bisarjan".

We all know how Bratati Bondhopadhay can mesmerize the audience when she's in mood. The best of the lot was "Gitanjali".  Srikanta Acharya then took the stage and performed some of his signature numbers. In an exclusive interview to Durgapuja Online, the singer welcomes the Durgapuja Online initiative and was happy that those who will miss the event can actually be a part of it through this coverage. Violin Brother's performed some mind blowing melody for the crowd and famous Rabindra Sangeet shilpi Sasha joined them to give the artistry a new height. Stay with us as Lopamudra Mitra, Pandit Ajay Chakraborty, Bikram Ghosh, Rupankar, Usha Uthup are still to come.
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