Durga Puja in Abu Dhabi - Where There is a Will; There is a Way

Durga puja is a grand celebration of Hindus. Wherever you find Hindu, you will find the celebration. Hindus believe in ‘Baro mashe tero parbon’. It is really nice to have this ‘four days’ once in a year but here in AbuDhabi it is unique.

In UAE, idol worship is banned but where almost 200-300 Bengali families are residing how they can live without this grand celebration of Durgapuja? Bengali creative mind works here, to search an alternative with their inherent talents. You can have a look all these idols are basically painting, so celebration with a painting is legally ok!! What say?

They do this puja in an enclosed apartment. And to logically prove it, art director Mr. Debasish Manna along with his dedicated team Ms. Mahua Chakraborti and Ms. Mowsoomi Mukhopadhay has created a unique example. Without any professional degree in painting or so they have taken the guts to draw Durga maa. Most of them are born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and never visited India even once in their lifetime. Still they did their job with full intricacy.

The eminent members of the society have created a management group that are really active in their work and free of politics. The lead member Mr.Goutam Mandal along with Mr. Sudip Chakraborty, Mr. Gourdas Banerjee, Mr. Aloke Maity, Mr. Subhasish Chatterjee & Mr. Manas Das has done all management nicely. They don’t ask any one for donation but encourages their patronages. The Bengalis of Abu Dhabi surely need some encouragement to keep the tradition on. Hat off guys!!!! Keep it up.