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Dum Dum Tarun Dal Club

We all are waiting our maa to arrive. The fragrance of flowers, mushroom like stalls, happening people are all around. This is the time when people gets excited about anything and everything be it wearing a new dress or band is coming to the para to perform. The residents of DumDum Tarun Dal is not an exception.

One of the members, Piklai Ghosh, said, “We are planning to celebrate the 33rd year puja with much grandeur. All are trying to manage everything more systematically. The members have something special in their mind that they will share later on”.

This year Dum Dum Tarun Dal has chosen the theme based on Kuran Sarikh stories.

Jai Durga sai Radha....

You can see the combination of lots of color, painting, wooden works, special effect lighting, sound and specially water.

Member Pratikshan Ghosh conveyed us, “This year our puja having raw material as brick, cement sand not like orthodox bamboo, wood, string, etc. Also our pandal will be full of water. There will be attractive combination with water and light .We are going to show the similarity between ‘Radha’ and ‘Durga’.” 

About the club: From a small club in fifties, in present days Dum Dum Tarun Dal club has become one of the finest clubs of Kolkata. In every year the club proudly organizes ‘Sit & Draw’ competitions for various age groups. The event attracts a lot of young artists from whole Kolkata. Every year the members organize ‘Medical Camp’ to help to the greater cause. Tarun Dal has been successful in collaborating with Rotary Club, World Health Organization (WHO) in arranging such events. Daily Medical Cheak up, Football Competitions, Eye Donation Champ, Cloth and Books donation to minor and Slam peoples, Drama, Cultural Programme, etc. areorganised every year.

Address and Location:

Dum Dum Tarun Dal Club.
60 Shyamnager Road, Near Dum Dum Park Post Office.
Kolkata -700055.

How to Go: You can access to the puja through VIP(Dum Dum park ,  kestopur and Baguiati) and also Du Dum Park Jessore Road.
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