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Biswa Bharati, Bhosari - To make a virus free world

“Sapno  Oralo  Megher  Kole,  Asche  Anando  Mela.
Pujor  Chithi  Khulche  Suure,  Notun  Aalor  Dekha”

It is the arrival of the ‘MAHA UTSAV’. Durga Puja is one of the most eminent festivals celebrated all over India. It is a grand event for the country irrespective of cast, creed and culture. Each of the ‘City pujas’ differ from each other but the concept of worshiping the ‘divine power’ is same. To start with this ‘MahaUtsav’, Biswa Bharati, Bhosari will be celebrating their 2nd year of ‘Durga Utsav’ in Pune. The theme of their puja is not only the ‘Unity of Human Life’ but also spreading message to the modern society about the “Win over Bads”.

This year they are coming up with a brilliant idea to make our world a better place to live in. Their theme is solely dedicated to make a “Virus Free World” and heal it. How many of us have really thought of working on this theme? We are going through a terrible situation where H1N1, Malaria, Bird Flue, Swine Flue and other viruses has taken a nosedive to destroy us. These viruses are depicted as the real ‘Mahisasur’ of our present society. They believe with the supreme ‘shakti’ of Ma Durga, the doctors will destroy these viruses to create a healthy world.

Almost 30,000 Bengalis stay in Bhosari, Pune and it is believed that this year also they will make their puja ‘take the chair’. Like the earlier year, the ‘holy idol of Maa Durga’ of Biswa Bharati will be crafted by the famous artisan Mr. Sukhoranjan Pal. The ‘pandal’ will be taken care by Mr. Govindo Kar Chowdhury. It requires meticulous effort to make the clay idols and pandal attractive, yet it is rewarding and fulfilling for them.

Awards: Biswa Bharati, Pune started its journey by wining recognition and awards on the first year. ‘The Times of India’ and ‘The Telegraph’ awarded them for their wonderful piece of work. The Puja Committee also has invited you to be a part of the ‘MahaUtsav’ and make it special.

Key Person: Debabrata Mukhopadhyay.
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