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Belgachia Villa Sarbojanin Sharodutsav Samity - Keeping alive the cultural heritage

‘Uniting the divine forces against the evil forces’ is what Durga Puja is all about. The Gods had to create ‘shakti’ in form of ‘Mahishahsurmardini’ to kill the demon-headed ‘mahishahura’. ‘Dashobhuja Ma’ was formed by the combined power of Tridev -‘Bramha’, ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Maheshwar’. It is autumn, the ‘sharatkal’, when Ma Durga steps to her ‘baper bari’ together with her children. This visit only lasts for four days and then she journeys back to her in-law’s abode.

The advent of autumn, the essence of Durga Puja is spread all over. Durgotsav is the biggest attraction for the Bengalees. It is the incarnation of ‘shakti’ to protect the mankind by defeating the invincible demon headed Mahishahura. On a mass scale Durga Puja is celebrated with pandals doting every nook and corner of Bengal.

Belgachia Villa Sarbojanin Sharodutsav Samity is one of them celebrating their 45th year of Durga Puja this year. Belgachia Villa itself has a long historical background. Initially Belgachia was under the administration of Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, one of the oldest entrepreneurs from India and the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore. Earlier there was large number of collection of arts at his ‘rajmahal’ in Belgachia. He named this locality as ‘Belgachi Villa’. History says that Michael Madhushudan Dutta’s one of the famous plays ‘Sarmistha’ was first staged here in Belgachia Rajbari. 

Initially Dhruvo Narayan Banerjee and Swapan Bagchi with a small group of youngsters started the Durga Puja in Belgachia Villa bringing forward and retaining the rich tradition and heritage of the locality. It was carried forward by the next generation when came the Belgachia Villa Club into limelight.  Till that date to today, the club is constantly proving itself into a well known Durga Puja in North Kolkata.

Cultural activities:  Like every year, this year too Belgachia Villa Club has a range of cultural programs lined up. One of the main attractions is the dance drama and theaters.  These are done by the local youth, who themselves prepare their own script and perform accordingly. The area is also known for eminent orators who entertain and enlighten the crowd with their recitations.

Route Guide:  Get down at Belgachia Metro and walk towards Dutta Bagan Milk Colony. It is only five minutes. You can also come from the Lake Town or Ultadanga side, via VIP road.

Passion and specialty
:  To keep alive the tradition and culture of Durga Puja, the club organizes a ‘dhunuchi nach’ (dance) competition, which is a great platform for the children and adults of the locality. In addition, to promote and showcase their puja and other benevolent and cultural activities, the club published a souvenir. Here anyone, especially the localities can write and contribute literary pieces in the form of blogs, articles, news letters and so on. Indeed this becomes a great platform for creative writing.

Key Persons:  Avijit Ghosh and Ashok Banerjee
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