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Belgachhia Sadharan Durgotsab

Belgachhia Sadharan Durgotsab is celebrating its 65th year Durgapuja in 2010. Pujas in North Kolkata have a different charm. Traditions rather than innovative themes are the Unique Selling Point of the Pujas of North Kolkata. So, Pujas work as a melting point for the people of the locality who cannot make out times rest of the year. Belgachhia Sadharan Durgotsab is the biggest Puja in the Tala Park-belgachhia region. This Puja is organized by the people of belgachhia-Tala Park region and belgachhia United Club.

Rather than flashy themes, belgachhia Sadharan Durgotsab Committee believes mostly in integrating people. Prithwish Ghosh Chowdhury, President of the committee said, “We believe that using ropes in controlling crowds restrict people to mingle with each other. So we use the open spaces associated with the Puja premises as a gathering place for the people of the community. Every year we arrange a fair during Durgapuja which becomes the focal point. Cultural events are an integral part of our Puja. Almost all the eminent singers have performed in our Puja over the years.”

On asking about this year’s theme one of the members said, “Puja pandals follow the eminent edifices of the world. But we try to stay away from the gimmic of Theme based Puja which restricts people to touch the pandals. We try to promote the handicrafts and cuisines from rural bengal and showcase them in Puja.”

The members of the club are very proud about the uniqueness of the Puja. There are people from other communities who are involved with it. It is like a Carnival. The Puja is as big as that of Baghbazar, Maddox Square and Md. Ali Park. In idol making, they follow the traditional style. Each year, this Puja is growing bigger and bigger. They organize one fair with roller coasters, magic shows, exhibitions and music shows.

Idol immersion is another important occasion of Belgachhia Sadharan Durgotsab. Very few Pujas in the world can sport such a gathering of the people of the community during the idol immersion. Last year, there were around 5000 people who made a procession to Ganga along with 101 drums and Dhunuchi dance.

Complete Address and Location:

Tala Park Circus Maidan
(opposite Belgachhia United Club)

Tala Park, Kolkata-700037.
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