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Behala Sree Sangha - Naba Saje Naba Durga

The most awaited and celebrated festival of Bengalees’ is here again and this year Behala Sree Sangha, one of the famous pujas in Behala, is celebrating its 60th year. Kolkatans are noted for their spirit of joy and durgapuja is the time of their ultimate enjoyment. In this season Kolkattans get inspired to show their true effort to the rest of the world.

In their Diamond Jubilee celebration Behala Sree Sangha has come up with an amazing idea as theme. They are preparing South India’s Art and Culture with nine different idols of Maa Durga. “Naba Durga is well acquainted with the Kolkata people and suburbs for years. In brief, in our ensuing 60th year’s celebration, we are pleased to explicit that with a huge long, about 112’ feet puja pandal in a concept of traditional South India’s Art and Culture with nine different idols of Maa Durga among which one has 20’ hight”, said Sri Tarak Singh, president of Behala Sree Sangha. He also mentioned that this year the club is expecting not less than six lakhs footfall during the four days of the carnival.

Behala Sree Sangha is a prominent name in Kolkata and every year the puja won many prestigious awards from different organisations. This year the celebration is expected to be bigger as they are celebrating Diamond Jubilee. The inauguration will take place on 11th Oct at 5 P.M. Here in this occasion many eminent personalities as Central Ministers, Mayor of KMC, M.P.’s, M.L.A.’s, Councilors, Judges of honb’le high court, Film celebrities ( Mumbai) will be present.

Social work: Every year the club does many good work for the society like they arrange blood donation camp, heart operation for children, eye donation camp, free ECG, etc. They also organise cultural programmes on all four days with its neighbours.

Route Direction:  You can be a part of Shree Sangha puja pandal if you reach just beside Behala tram depot which we call James long Sarani. Don’t miss it if you want to enjoy the unique flavour.
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