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Behala Sanghasree

It’s the time for Durgapuja. The fragrance of Siuli is in the air and amidst of everything there are grand puja pandals growing like mushrooms. In Kolkata this is the time when people don’t think about anything. Irrespective of cast and creed Kolkatans enjoy durgapuja. And why only Kolkatans? If we concentrate in outer parts of Kolkata or outer India we can experience the same emotion everywhere.
This is the 54th year puja celebration of Behala Sanghasree club. This year the club has chosen the theme as ‘Putuler Deshe Devir Agaman’.

Suman Das, one of the club members of Sangha Shre said to durgapujaonline.com, “Durga puja is around the corner. The countdown has already begun. The puja committee is busy giving last minute suggestion to the artisan, theme maker, illuminator or who belong to this glorified puja.” Everyone was looking happy working in the mandap.

“This year Behala Sangha Sree has come up with glorious creation of traditional frame of mind. It’s like different kind of doll with long courtyard where both side of the wall has been depicted and decorated with ten handed Maa Durga. The theme is conceptualized by the committee members”, he added.

Complete address and Location:  59/11 Bhupen roy Road, Behala , kolkata - 700034, P.S – Behala.
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