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Behala Mukul Sangha - Celebrating Colorful 50 Years

Since 1960, Behala Mukul Sangha started Sarbojonin Durgotsab and gradually started growing itself to be a prominent socio- cultural organization of South Kolkata. It has made an important mark of itself by performing various cultural and social activities. In the course of time, they have taken up pioneering leadership in inventing creative art in the field of Bengal’s most popular festival – ‘Durgotsav’. Their unique thought of providing employment to the creative artists belonging to the backward classes has added value to the club. It is a great feeling for the members of the Behala Mukul Sangha Club who has found out those rare artists from various remote corners of our area who make obsolescent arts. They have done a great job by giving them platform to exhibit and present before their innovative artistic works.  No matter from which background these artists come from, but it has been always a challenge and responsibility of this club to bring them forward and benefit the society.

Subhasish Bose, one of the committee members said durgapujaonline.com, “We, the member of Behala Mukul Sangha Club Sarbojanin Durgotsab believe in creativity and theme with non- expensive or throw away materials. This is a very small community and all the members are very much helpful. Our Durgotsab turning into the 50th glorious year, the South Kolkata, Behala Mukul Sangha Sarbojanin Durgostsab 2010 will be celebrating their puja in a grand and memorable way. This time we are creating the pandal with Paint and Paintbrush. This is one unique theme display in South Kolkata Durgotsab. Greeting 2010 Durgotsab with a warm essence and feeling is what the Organizing Committee and club members are looking to.”

Behala Mukul Sangha is organizing Cultural Programs starting from 06/10 to 10/10. There will be performance by Bhumi Band, Aarti Mukherjee, Shampa and a Bengali play by club members. The Grand Opening of Golden Jubilee Year is on 11/10. The club members are giving open invitation to everyone.

Achievement:  The main achievement of this club is to find out the rare talents of local area and offer them employment to show their expertise in creativity. With the blessings and love of the thousands and thousands of people visiting the pandal every year Behala Mukul Sangha Sarbojanin Durgotsab achieves several awards.

Social Services:   Working for the society unanimously is what Behala Mukul Sangha believes in. The club is celebrating Golden Jubilee Durgotsab with lot of activities like Blood Donation Camp, Eye Test Camp, Cardio Test Camp and so on.

Route Guide:  Walk down to Behala Club Bhawan and walk around 50 meter mores. You will see Prativa Pharmacy on left side. Take left turn from Prativa Pharmacy and you will enter Gabtala Lane. Behala Mukul Sangha is located on 28, Gabtala Lane, Behela, Kolkata – 700060.

Key Persons:  Shri. Sabyasachi Ghosh, ,Shri. Kausik Ghosh, Shri Kausik Das, Shri.Abhiit Chakraborty

Address and Location:

Behala Mukul Sangha
28, Gabtala Lane, Behela,
Kolkata – 700060.

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