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Baishakhi Sangha - One Para, One Family

This year Baishakhi Sangha will be coming up with an imaginary Mandir. The idol will be designed in a traditional fashion with  20 feet ekchala mandap. The idol of Baishakhi Sangha has been making by Shri. Prafulla Pal’s son since 45 years.

This year Baishakhi Sangha is going to celebrate their 59th years. During these festive days the cultural programs will charge up the festive moods. The participation is all out. Everybody enjoys the  moment from the core of the heart. On Shasthi and Navami  the hymns od “Chandi Path” create the heavenly atmosphere. The bhog of Ashtami is one of the fascinating schedule of the puja. In spite of having the  flavor of Baroari Pujo, one can feel home like atmosphere here, which creates the magnificient unity among the different kind of people. Anjali is another enchanting moment when women participate with deep adoration. Baishakhi Sangha has a rich tradition of grand procession during the immersion.

Route Guide: The club is based out at Manaharpukur Raod at South Kolkata. There are two entrance to get this Puja.One is from Hazra crossing and another is from Desapriya Park.
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