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Andul Raj Bari

The founder of the Andul Raj family, Late Ram Charan Roy had a very humble beginning. Out of his zeal, perseverance and tenacity he became well versed in “Farsi” the widely used court language of the period. His just and judicious observations finally brought him to legal profession. During this time English traders have just landed in the shore of Bengal and they were in desperate need of local support as interpreter and business partners. Here Ram Charan played a key role and soon became a trustworthy source for them. The glorious days of Andul Raj Bari started after the decisive win of the battle of Plassy.  He was granted ‘Dewanship’ and soon became one of the leading landlord of the region. He was also recommended for “Raja” title by Clive whom he politely requested for hi s son Ramlochan, who was well accomplished and literary scholar. The request was duly accepted. Lord Clive gifted him a huge cannon which is still lying in the portico of the palace. The scholars, doctors, teachers who were inhabitants of  of Hoogly were offered tax-free land to settle at Andul . 

The place was gradually know as ‘Nabadweep of South”.  It was Kasinath Roy, who build this palace with identical look of Burdwan Raj bari. The mansion itself exudes elegance and a spacious place left in front of the facade adds to its magnificence. He also erected Annapurna Temple and  fourteen Siva temples. There was a small causes court in the backyard of the Rajbari. Durga pujo was started in 1770 by Raj Narayan Roy who was conferred “Raja” title by Lord Aukland.  There were all kind of entertainment, including dancing by ‘Nauch girls’ in the “Baitakkhana” which had a highly polished wooden floor is now in a desolate look and morbid state.  The family had a very unique style of immersion. The deity was carried to the nearby Saraswati River and cannon were fired to cause the impact for her immersion.  The pujo is now carried out by their  descendents  and a fair is opened up in the courtyard where  lip smacking delicacies like Gaga, Khaja and Nimki are available which one should definitely taste.

Contribution: Kamal Banerjee 
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