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68 Polly - Celebrating 64th Year

From construction to yagyas, from house to shamiyanas, it finds place everywhere. Without it almost no constructive work could be done. We are talking about the good old bamboo. 68 Pally have taken the initiative to pay bamboo its due respect. Celebrating proudly their 64th anniversary, 68 Pally are bringing bamboo in the front scene and not just keeping it behind the curtains to support the structure.

The eminent artist Srikanta Das has given the thought of bringing bamboo in limelight a structural shape investing all his creativity in decking up the mandap with different art pieces made of bamboo. The mandap will be structured by the talented group of artists from Midnapur. Pratima is being shaped by Sri Shanib Pal.

The bamboo house of Maa will be inaugurated on Panchami by honourable IG, BSF, Dinesh Trivedi.

Debasish Ghosh wishes everybody a very happy and prosperous Durgatsab on behalf of the organization and humbly invites you to visit and experience the art work.

Hall of Fame:  68 Pally is very familiar name to all of us, and that is the greatest and most adorable and honourable award for the organization, the love of all. Last year 68 Pally was honoured with Kolkata TV’s Serar Sera and another award form Star Ananda.

Committee for the society: The committee always wanted to reach out to the hearts of people around. They offer aids to the needy ones. They distribute winter wears and blankets to the poor, arrange for free thalasemia treatment for the underprivileged, organize free health check up camps, free eye check up camps, and blood donation camps on a regular basis.
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