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Tridhara Sammilani - Rajasthan unfolded in the city of joy - A must visit

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Tridhara Sammelani 2011 Pratima and Mondop Parikrama 
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Tridhara Sammilani is the perfect example of the union of three generations- the elders, the present and the future generation. The name has also a fusional mode, which justifies Tradition, Culture and Social Activities. In 1947, the year when we become independant, this club emerged with vigour and passion to do something unique for the society. Then onward this club has been rendering their highest possible efficiency for the upliftment of the locality as well the society.

Last year the concept took us to the land of God i.e. NEPAL. The durga puja pandal was made as an exact replica of YAKSHESHWAR MAHADEV TEMPLE at the Bhaktapur Darbaar Square.The excuisite art work of Chandi, Peacock window, Kaal Bhairab and the traditional deity of Nepal, the Taleju Bhawani left everybody astounded. This year Tridhara Sammilani is going to celebrate 64th year with tremendous zeal.

This year Tridhara brings you the teachings of our Vedas, Veda Tatwa – “Ekaihang Bahushyam Praojajeyo”, I am one and I will become many.

Tridhara’s this year’s thought is a unique experience of the one and only Brahmo. We all know that Parama Brahmo is the universal truth. It is the very initial point of every being in the universe. Upanishad preaches two contradictory sides of Brahmo, Swarup and Tathasta. No creation is possible without the unison of Purush Shakti and Nari Shakti. To create, the Brahmo Sankalpa is taken and Anadi and Prakriti are innovated. They meditated and water came out from their bodies and Khirod Sagar was created. They there meditated in a lying posture under water to evolve as Narayan and Narayani and Abyakto Prakriti Mahatatwa was created. Mahatatwa was endowed with trigunas – Satya, Rojo and Tama. From Mahatatwa came Ahankar, from Ahankar came Panchamantra, from Panchamantra came Panchabhut, from Panchabhut came Panchagyanendriyo and Panchokarmendriyo.

Brahma was integrated from Hironyogarbho and created self mutating, egg laying, and birth giving creatures from its mind and body. Brahmananda then divided itself into Space and Earth. That is how Space, Earth and Water was created.

Brahma reincarnated as Vishnu and Lakshmi as Rojo-Gunn, symbolising creation, and Maheshwar and Mahakali as Tama-Gunn, symbolising destruction for reconstruction.

The entire story of creation from Upanishad is being detailed by Swami Bedananda, following which the mandap is being designed by eminent artist Dipak Ghosh and the idol is being shaped by Bablu Banik and the illumination of the structure of this concept is being designed by Kanishka Sen.

Route Direction: Tridhara Sammilani is very near to Priya Cinema, Deshapriya Park. From Rashbihari crossing if you head toward Gariahat, then bang opposite to Juggles Sweet, you will find the road reaching to Tridhara Sammilani. If you are coming from Hazra Crossing, you need to take Manoharpukur Road and cross the Sarat Bose Road crossing to reach the destination.

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