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Tala Palli : "Tumi Rabe Nirabe"

This year Tala Palli Sadharan Durgotsab will present a traditiona pujo, focusing on the 150th Birthday celebration of Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur. The puja will come up with the "Ekchala" concept, decorated by the photographs of Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur. Rabindranath Thakur is not just an idol to be commemorated. He does not belong to a specific century. He left his indelible mark of humanity. He won over his daily needs of hunger, greed and helplessness to step forward into the world of deep meditation. He was a seeker of the ultimate beauty through his culture and creation.

Here Shri. Sanatan Rudra Pal intend to commemorate him with the  true spirit of this festivity. The melodious "Robi thakurer gaan"  fills the air, excites your pulse. There is no age bar, from eight to eighty start enjoying the every bit of moments. Grand paa can not confined himself within the four wall. With his toddling feet he comes down to share his smile with the new generation...After fading out, a new song fades in with its prelude.....
The humming is all around.......
                                        "Dariye aachho tumi aamaar gaaner o paare
                                          amaar sur guli paay charan
                                          aami paaini tomare..........."
The chorus tune charge up the atmosphere. This is our kobiguru. He is companion forever.
Dadu smiles but his eyes bulge with tear. Looking to the azure sky he murmurs...
                                         "Thakur, tumi rabe nirabe......"

Talapalli Sadharan Durgotsab has been renamed by Talapalli Sadharan Durgotsab Samity. This year they are celebrating 65 year , expecting huge gathering during these festive days. On the opening day a  blood donation camp will be organized and the committee will distribute clothes to the poor.

Pandel: New Star, Kanthi

Light: K.K.Electric,Beliaghia

Inauguration: On the Chaturthi i.e. on 11th october'2010 the puja will be inaugaurated by Ramkrishna Mission Maharaj.

Committee Member: Shri Anup Kr. Kundu

Route Guide: There are two ways to reach the puja. One is from Laketown, you need to reach Tala Post Office. But the more convenient route is from Shyambazar Five Point or Belgachia Metro.

Social Service: Education for the poor children. Blood donation camp, financial help for the poor, Sit-n-Draw competition.

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