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Sitalatala Mitali Kakurgachi - 2011

2011 Coverage

The most awaited and celebrated festival of Bengalees’ is here again round the corner. Kolkatans are noted for their spirit of joy as the Kolkata being The City of Joy itself. Kolkata is also the cultural hub of the country thus giving the Kolkatans the inspiration to preserve their esteem of being culturally rich and live up to the expectation of visitors to our hometown.

Mitali’s Durgatsab 2010:

North Kolkata is known the best for its tradition maintenance in every aspect of life. Sitalatala Sarbojonin Durgatsab Committee, “Mitali”, Kankurgachhi, celebrates their glorious 74th anniversary this year with their Durgatsab, 2010. Mitali is just another socio-cultural committee of north Kolkata, but here is the answer to what makes Mitali different from all other. The Jt. Secretaries, Shri Ranjit Mallik and Shri Sudip Saha and the entire committee warmly welcome everyone to grace the occasion with your presence.

This year the committee is all set to treat the eyes and minds of janata with their amazingly innovative, new yet traditional theme. The eminent artiste, Shri Gouranga Kulia has endeavored bringing the virtual concept of the committee to reality. The podium, the interior and the exterior of the mandap is being skilled with silk threads, colourful cloths and feathers, faggot of palms, etc. Mandap’s walls and roof will portray the stories of one of our great epics Ramayana and Manasa Mangal Kavya.

Reach Out:

You are sure to hop around the north of Kolkata during Puja. Just drop in at Kakurgachhi crossing and walk towards Ghosh Para for a few minutes and there you are amidst the colourful, sacred terrain of faith and religion!

Committee for the Society:

“Mitali”, the name itself suggests the essence of bonding flavoured with the delicacy of friendship. It is a familiar name to not only those who reside in and around Kakurgachhi, Ghoshpara , but to those also who stay well away from Mitali.

Durga Puja being the most awaited and celebrated festival of Bengalees should preserve the spirit of its joy. Unlike many other organizations, Mitali has no fixed amount of donation, thus not encouraging any financial burden on people and maintain the sacred spirit of the auspicious occasion.

Not just the annual grand celebration of Durga Puj, Mitali conducts many social activities for the benefits of the common people. In January, events like sit and draw competition, quiz contests, annual sports competition, etc. are being organized to encourage the competitive attitude exercising every individual’s skills and strength in the particular fields.

To celebrate the supremacy of knowledge and education Mitali observes Saraswati Puja, honouring the Goddess of knowledge.

Mitali has always stood beside the needy people. Distribution of winter-wears, blankets and other basic necessary goods and medicines to the unprivileged are part of their social offerings to the underprivileged, every year. Blood donation camps, free health check up camps, free eye check up camps mark their regular social events’ calendar.

Emergency help lines for natural calamities is also been scrutinized y the committee regularly.

Visit Sitalatala Sarbajanin, Mitali and witness their marvelous innovation and art taste for yourself. Once you are there, you are sure to thank yourself and feel glad that you didn’t miss it.
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