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Seal bari - Chorbagan

Durga puja 2010 is knocking at the door and the Seal Family is going to celebrate their 155th durga puja celebration this year. Babu Ram Chandra Seal was a successful business personality and exporter to South East Asia. As Shri. Seal was extremely busy wirh his business, Khetramoni Debi, wife of Babu Ram Chandra Seal, who took the initiative to start durga Puja in the Seal family. A plaque has been placed inside the Thakurdalan to commemorate this event. Seal family believes in Vaishnavism  and all their rituals and customs are strictly vegetarian. The family claims that the Puja was held at Goswami Lane in Baghbazar for the first few years.

The Bodhon commences on Mahalaya and continues until Sashti. The Kumari and Sadhaba Pujas are performed on the auspicious day of the Maha Nabami. We worship a holy cow and Ganga along with normal offerings on Ashtami. On Dashami,the immersion takes place at Babu Ghat.

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