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Sabuj Sathi - Presents another hue of emotion

If autumn comes can Durga puja be far behind from the Bengalis? The dhakis have already started their rhythmic beat....A five-day festival, which starts from the evening of Mahashasthi and ends at Dashami brings the biggest happiness for each and every Bengalee. It is the time to get out of the house in colourful dresses and hopping from pandel to pandel, have delicious food and spend great times with friends and family members. Durga Puja is a religious tradition of the Hindus that has gradually turned into a huge carnival in Kolkata over the years and now it has become a major commercial event as well. This puja where creativity wins over the rituals is wonderful occasion in many ways.

This is the 42nd year Durga Puja celebration of 'Sabuj Sathi' that is based on a theme of "KALER SEKAL EKAL". Mythological episode of Mahisasur Badh by Devi Durga has been shown by different arts and sculptures on cave walls,temples and many more holly places around Indian Sub continent. Among those vivid  Chaushotti kala (64 Nos. art forms), artist has chosen 3 nos. particular kalas emphasizing his descriptive endeavor vide above kalas (arts). Out of that 64 kalas found from ancient history of art and sculpture, artist Sri Pradip Nandy have chosen and would exibit ancient art i.e. i) CXHITRA KALA and after passing some decade transformed into ii) ISHAT UTTAL (named as relief) MURTI KALA and further passing several decades developed in to iii) PURNA MURTI KALA. So, this history of formation of arts named as "KALER SEKAL EKAL" and the entire episode of our artistic heritage would be elaborated throughout our pandal and pratima using very basic raw earth, scorched earth which is abandon from nature and very safe from any perspective of fire hazards.

The members of Sabuj Sathi focussed on community development maintaining our basic culture and articularly we respect the seniors of our club as well as local residents. We been associated since 1955 to united an idea to be socially active for different need and causes and follow the much respect to our tradition uniformly. Only discomfort we having since we lost our play ground few years ago.

"Sabuj Sathi is a social club since 1955. Most of the Senior Founder Members are no more with us but we are carrying the legacy to be always green and help who are needy. We undertake many social activities every year. We are celebrating our Durga Puja since last 41 years", said the secretary of 'Sabuj Sathi' to durgapujaonline.com

The entire theme has been conceptualized by Shri. Pradip Nondy and lighting has been done by local Electric.

Last year Award: Have been honoured with few prizes since 2003.

Day/Date of Inauguration: Chaturthi i.e. on 11th October'2010 and
Social Service: The club always arranges blood donation camp, free eye check up and surgery. They also distribute blankets to the poor during winter. Every year sit-n-draw competition has been arranged. The club does financial help to the poor as well.

How to go
: 12A, Siddhinath Chatterjee Road, P.O.Behala, Kolkata - 700 034.
(Manton Bus Stop on Diamond Harbor Road between Behala Tram Depot and Asoka Cinema). Club House and Puja Pandal situated just two light post distance from west side of D.H.Road.

Key Persons: Shri. Kashinath paul.
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