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Rammohan Srishti Sangha- The glory of Egypt

In their 52nd celebation Rammohan Srishti Sangha will come up with the glory of Egyptian civilization.In his Chicago Trip Swami Vivekananda proclaimed about the two most ancient civilization of the world. One is Egyptian Civilization and another one is Indian Civilization. The members of this club have inspired with the thought of Swamiji and planned to come up with an extra ordinary theme of mingling these two civilization. Undoubtedly it is a tough job but as we know if there is a will there must be a way. This year we will see the conservation of Mummy, the ruined texture of the egyptian houses, their household utensils and many such things related to the Egyptian Civilization. The surprise is how it mingles with the stream of Indian Civilization. So, keep your finger crossed while visiting this puja mandap.

In spite of having a tag of "Baroari Pujo",you will feel the flavor of "Barir Pujo".

Today’s Durga Puja is much more than a mere cultural and religious festival. The smell of perfume, new clothes, incense, flowers, and the drummers create a pious environment by their rhythmic beating of drums during aarti every morning and evening of this three days puja. The beating of dhak and kansar and the dhunuchi dances with a spirit of joy and boundless fun are a part of the frenzied celebrations.

During Durga puja's Chaturthi 'Rammohan Srishti Sangha' distribute new clothes to the poor people, on Panchami clothes are distributed to deaf and dumb children. Health check up and free milk distribution is a part and percel of this festivity as well.

Idol: The famous artisan Shri. Sapan Pal from Kumartuli will present Sabeki Pratima with "Ekchala" pettern.
Pandel will be decorated by Paragon Decorators where as lighting will be done by local electric.

Last year Award: Statesman "Mukut"

Day/Date of Inauguration is Tritiya i.e. on 10th October'2010. Swami ji from "Ramkrishna Mission", Shri.Sudip Bandopadhyay, MP; and Shri. Mukul Roy, MP are expected to be present in the inaugauration. 
Social Service: Like every year the club will arrange blood donation camp, free eye check up and surgery, distribution of blankets to the poor during Winter, Sit-n-Draw compition, etc. They will also do Financial help to the poor.

How to go
: It is a 5 minutes walk from Amharst street and Vivekananda Road crossing. You need to locate 'Lohakothi".

Key Persons: Shri. Sujit Gupta, Shri. Dharmendra Jaiswal.
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