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Rammohan Sammeloni - Celebrating 67th year

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The last few years have seen a new craze of theme fling. Somewhere deep amidst all of these we are loosing the charm of our good old homely, traditional, typically Bengalee Durga Puja. In the rat-race of award winning themes we are loosing the essence of our very own flavor of Durga Puja in households’ thakur dalan, or neighborhoods’ athchala.

Rammohan Shammeloni, Shukhiya street, north Kolkata presents you your most awaited festival of the year with the most celebrated theme Bengalees have witnessed ever since Akal Bodhon has been in practice. The committee is celebrating their splendid 66th anniversary this year with Durgatsab 2010. Mr. Amar Chatterjee, Secretary of the committee humbly invites you to grace the occasion with your presence.

Mahua Decorators are crafting the mandap inside out in a traditional approach to take you back to the nostalgia of the eternal lore stories of your Granny’s of the grand, traditional Durgatsab in their village. Ujjwal Electric are lighting up the decoration, but not without your support and presence will the occasion be enlightened. Artist Rudrajit Pal from Kumartuli has skilled the Durga pratima in our very own traditional way. Maharaj of Ramkrishna Mission will inaugurate the celebration on 11th October which is Chaturthi.

Cultural Aspect: Post the inauguration ceremony on Chaturthi, the committee has organized a cultural evening. On Dashami evening storm your brain out for answers as the quiz contest proceeds and sharpen your treasure of knowledge. Post quiz contest put your brain at rest and set your mind to cherish some pure Bengalee entertainment with porty recitation.

Reach out: You surely can’t afford to miss the north Kolkata Durga Pujas. As you reach main Shukhiya street, all the way you need to go is just walk down a minute towards Rammohan Mancha, bang opposite to Shukhiya train station, and there you are, standing tall amidst the nostalgia and living it in the mandap!

Hall of Fame: This year Rammohan Sammeloni is gifting a traditional Durgatsab. Nevertheless since last few years this puja committee has presented many remarkable themes. In 1994 & 1996 this puja received Asian Paint Sharad Samman. In 2004 Rammohan Sammeloni celebrated its 60th anniversary. It was an eventful year. They crafted the Durgatsab mandap with pencils. Last year Rammohan Shommeloni was honoured with Star Ananda – Special Prize, CTVN – Sarbik Sera and Sristi Minu Saree – First prize.

Committee for the Society: The committee has always been there and will be there till its existence for the well being of the society. Regular blood donation camps, free health check up camps, free eye check camps and free thalassemia treatment for the underprivileged people are accounted in their social event calendar.

Distribution of winter-wears and blankets to the needy are a must on their annual donation.

Besides, regular sit and draw competitions and other cultural and educational programs to encourage individual skills in different fields are parts of their many other endeavors for the society.

Every year an annual appreciation function is organized to honour the students who have successfully cleared the educational board examinations.

You surely will not want to miss this noble committee’s extremely soul touching traditional puja theme this year. Don’t let your nostalgia fade away in the shadow of non-sustenance, live it and keep it alive!!
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